My name is Victor Clausson and I'm from Gothenburg, Sweden.

Being born in the late 80's in a town called Vetlanda, Sweden, I grew up with a lot of cool stuff. There was no broadband internet during that time, so finding out how stuff worked was though. I remember when my dad bought our first computer and a whole new world opened up for me. Since I loved making silly movies with my parents VHS camcorder and my friends, I wanted to get the footage into the computer somehow.

I later found a compatible capture card, fired up Windows Movie Maker and away I went.


Fast forward to 2006, I finished high school and later worked as an Automation Electrician for over 10 years. During all those years, I made sure I had different video projects going on that developed my skills in my spare time. Later in 2010, I found love, moved to Gothenburg, became a father and told my boss "I QUIT!" (not really), to begin studying Computer Graphics Design at YRGO in 2017. 


Being self-thought my whole life, I'm not afraid to dive into new things, and if I can't figure something out, I'm googling it! When I'm not geeking out at the computer, I like to play the guitar, watch movies/series or play video games. That's why my focus in the world of 3D is animation/motion design. There's something about creating moving objects that gives the viewer a visual experience.


If you want to know more about my previous jobs, educations or skills. Check out my resume by clicking the button below.

+46 730 27 37 09

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